6 Key Points for Using Agility to Enhance Relationships

Tina Arnoldi


Agility is about moving and adapting quickly; frequently used in reference to software development. However, it is equally relevant for adapting to the customer experience regardless of the industry. There are several ways to use agility to enhance customer relationships.

Adapt to the customer’s preferred channels

I work with a vendor who will only communicate over text. As the customer, I prefer to stay in touch over email or phone. I don’t like to text. It takes too long for me and as the customer, I do not feel I should adapt to the vendor’s preferred communication style. My emails are responded to via text. My voice mails are responded to via text. It’s resulted in enough frustration that I’m planning to find another solution. As a business, you have to pay attention to your customer’s preferred channel for communication and adapt to them accordingly.

Progress, not perfection

As you collect data on customers, where through surveys or analytics, use it to make small changes rather than waiting for a big roll-out. As you apply what you learn quickly, you will continue receiving customer feedback on what is – or is not – working. For example, your data may indicate a need for an overhaul of your knowledgeable. Rather than changing everything, make small changes, such as including additional resources, or adding a communication channel, such as chat. Small changes make it easier for you to learn what works and pivot along the way.

Repackage offerings

Bundles can be easy to sell. An offering presented as a solution with clear pricing is beneficial to both customers and businesses. However, is easier always better? Businesses who are flexible around pricing and service levels can adapt to customers when the original offering no longer meets their needs.

E-commerce agility

E-commerce businesses need to constantly update their site features to meet market demands. Amazon Business was launched earlier this year as a B2B e-commerce marketplace. Through it, Amazon matches millions of buyers and sellers while positioning themselves as the go-to source for B2B e-commerce. They paid attention to the marketplace and responded by closing AmazonSupply to relaunch as Amazon Business.

Test and experiment

Not every experiment or test will be a success in terms of business revenue. What testing will do is help businesses in their iterative processes of improving. Businesses cannot be complacent even when things are going well, and instead, need to be open to reinvention on a regular basis. The most successful businesses enter the testing and experiment stage by first defining what success looks like in their particular industry and are willing to pull out quickly when the experiment does not lead to increased revenue.

Cloud contact centers

Cloud technology allows for flexibility in businesses and can give an edge above competitors. It makes it easier to meet customers where they are – whether it’s on social media, chat, or a phone call. Or yes, even via text! The power is handed back to the customer who can reach companies through their preferred communication method.

When you adapt as a company to your customers, you increase their loyalty as well as your reputation. As you become known as a company that sees customer experience as a high priority, they’ll respond to you when new products and services are released. You become much more than a vendor. You will be a trusted partner.

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Tina Arnoldi

Tina Arnoldi, the founder of 360 Internet Strategy, is qualified in both Google Analytics and Google AdWords, and part of the Google Partners program. She helps clients develop and manage their internet strategy. Tina is also an experienced presenter, offering instruction on topics including Google tools and social media.

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