7 Tips for Using Live Chat for Amazing Customer Service!

live chat tips that helps provide amazing customer service

Daryl George


Do you offer live chat support but are stuck on ways to make it stand out? Or do you think that your live chat support is “ok” so you leave it at that?

You may be missing out on the benefits of offering memorable customer service.

Why is offering memorable and exceptional customer service is important? Well, simply put, offering memorable customer service has not only benefits for you, but also for your customer. A few notable benefits for your business may include:

  • Repeat sales/customer loyalty – Providing your customers with memorable customer service will encourage them to continue purchasing from your company in the future.
  • Increased conversions – Great customer service will keep customers engaged and convert more website visitors to customers.
  • Recover potentially lost customers – If your product or service experience falls in another aspect or area, exceptional customer service will give you the opportunity to recover what would have been a lost sale and customer.

So how do you use your live chat support to reap the benefits offered by providing a memorable experience to your website visitors? Here are seven live chat tips for turning your support from ordinary to extraordinary.

7 tips for providing memorable customer service through live chat

  1. Pre-chat surveys.
    Do you want to give your customers the feeling that your live chat agent knows them inside out and knows exactly what they want? A pre-chat survey will help you to do that by collecting information on your customer’s issues even before you engage them personally. This will allow you to quickly and efficiently address their concerns when they are ready to talk, saving them significant time and stress.
  2. Use targeted proactive chat.
    You don’t have to wait for your customers to approach you – using targeted proactive chat is a great way to take the initiative in creating a positive customer service experience by increasing conversions and customer satisfaction among other benefits. A targeted proactive chat will identify individuals most in need of assistance and proactively invite them to chat, conveying a sense of goodwill and interest whether or not they decide to chat. This also helps to increase conversions on areas of the website that need improvement.
  3. Accept chat requests automatically.
    Don’t you just hate calling a company or business, only to be put on hold “until a customer service agent becomes available” and listening to an annoying jingle as your cell phone minutes burn? In customer service, time is money and the longer your customers wait, the less satisfied they will be. Your live chat platform should allow you to automatically accept chat requests so that your customers have nearly immediate access to a live chat agent, which will allow you to increase their satisfaction.
  4. Offer personal chat information.
    By putting your agent’s actual name, picture, and other identifying information, your customer will be able to put a human face to the interaction, allowing a far more engaging and personal experience.
  5. Recommend relevant products and services.
    Don’t you just love when you get a recommendation for a product that you had no idea about before but end up loving? So will your customers. Encourage your agents to give relevant recommendations and suggestions that your customers will find useful and you may end up boosting your own sales.
  6. Offer goodies.
    Everyone loves surprises! Empower your agents to give special discounts, offers, and other incentives to customers if and when the need arises. This will not only endear the customer to your business but also increase sales on those discounted or special offer products.
  7. Encourage your live chat agents to be friendly and personal.
    Your live chat agents don’t have to be stiff or formal – it’s ok to display a touch of humor or personality. You never know – their personality may just lead to an example of exceptional customer service going viral.

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Do you have your own positive memorable customer service experience? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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