The Secret Sauce to Building a Useful Customer Service Knowledge Base with Live Chat

Building a customer service knowledge base with live chat

Julia Borgini


A knowledge base can be a customer’s go-to resource when they’re still exploring your product, trying to decide whether to buy. Yet many companies really drop the ball when it comes to their post-purchase resources and customers are stuck trying to figure out their own way around their obstacles.

NOW you understand why your manager has asked you to “beef up” the knowledge base with “better” articles, right? Upper management has figured out that they need to do something in order to better serve your customers. And it’s up to you to figure out a way to do that quickly and easily.

Why not look at your live chat transcripts and repurpose them into extremely helpful knowledge base (KB) articles? Let’s take a look at a few of the ways you can do that:

Store live chats in a central repository.

Tools such as Happy Fox Chat let you interact with customers quickly and easily from a central place, offering a great place to store all of your chat transcripts.

Search through the transcripts for trending keywords.

(By “trending”, we mean keywords that keep popping up over and over in the live chats.) Then write new articles based on those keywords.

Create quick reference sheets or procedure articles from any complex instructions an agent used to help a customer solve a problem.

You’ll save yourself future support calls by letting customers fix their problem on their own.

Verify the language that you and your customers are using when talking about your products.

Then review and revise your KB articles accordingly. You may find that your customers never use “your” term for a product, and instead call it something else entirely.

Tag live chat transcripts appropriately as you file them away for future reference.

You’ll need this to help you find the information to create KB articles in the future. Sort through the transcripts by tag to find whatever information you need. *Ask your best live chat agents for their input on what they’d like to see in the KB.*┬áThere may be topics and articles you haven’t thought about yet.

Create a tag for “smart” customers who may have phrased a complex idea more easily than you in a live chat.

Pull out that “smart” phrase and borrow it in future KB articles.

Add screenshots or images to a resolution procedure taken from a live chat session.

This will help customers or support reps duplicate the steps in the future more easily.

Look at the side notes live chat agents may write as they deal with customers online.

You may want to include this information in the KB article, depending on the audience.

Always have a professional writer (technical writer, copywriter, etc.) write and review the content in your KB.

You cannot rely on the live chat note verbatim when it comes to the KB, as it probably doesn’t match your style guide, and may contain language you don’t want to include in there (especially if it’s an outward-facing KB).

Why settle for an ordinary help page that’s not searchable or organized, and is a pain to keep updated? Use these tips to create new customer service knowledge base articles quickly and easily without all the frustration. You’ll impress your manager when you restock the KB with fresh content that’s valuable to the customer on a regular basis.

With a live chat tool like HappyFox Chat, you can use your business’ live chats to help build your customer service knowledge base and strengthen your live chat support even further!

Julia Borgini

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