Chat Experience: Super-charged for Mobile + New Javascript API

Santhosh Guru


We’ve taken a big step towards making live chat experience fantastic for your customers. Today we are happy to announce two major improvements:

  • New and improved chat window for mobile websites
  • JavaScript API for more control & customization

Improved live chat experience on mobile

Live chat is by far the best engagement experience for customers on your mobile site. We’ve now made that experience super slick.

Now with HappyFox Chat, your customers will have an amazing mobile experience. They can easily chat with you, without navigating away from your website. The chat window is optimized for a faster and smoother conversation experience.

The chat window remains lightweight and will load extremely fast.

JavaScript API

We now make it extremely easy for you to reduce friction and improve conversions. Our JavaScript API will let you:

  • Send your signed-in user’s name and email to HappyFox Chat. Your visitors can skip the pre-chat form and start chatting immediately.
  • More chat window control. Maximize the chat window on any UI click event.
  • More customization. Use Javascript API to do any basic CSS changes and bring subtle changes to the chat window.

Head over to our JavaScript API documentation for more details.

Big thanks to our 7500+ customers for sending feedback and making our product better.

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