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Coffee is for closers. Pipedrive CRM is a great app to manage your sales pipeline. If you are currently using Pipedrive and thinking about adding live chat to your website, this post about Pipedrive integration is a must read.

Why Pipedrive integration and a live chat system?

Short answer:  Because you can close more deals.

Prospective customers often come back to your site for more information and have questions to ask. A live chat app could make that communication easy and effortless for them. They can start a chat seeking for assistance. You start chatting with them and then also at some point rush to pipedrive to find their history and info. Don’t you find it annoying to keep switching tabs from your CRM account and live chat to get the visitor’s previous deal history in order to have a more meaningful conversation? With HappyFox Chat and Pipedrive integration we help you bridge the gap, help you improve your customers sales experience and increase your chances to close more deals.

All the data you need at your fingertips

HappyFox Chat lets you see live deal information inside the chat window while talking to a customer. This helps you in having a more relevant conversation.


With Happyfox Chat + Pipedrive integration, eliminate mundane effort of entering new contacts  

Once the chat is completed, you would want to carry all the data over to Pipedrive. Doing this manually for each chat can be a painstaking task. Wouldn’t it be better if the customer details get saved automatically instead of entering it manually? With HappyFox Chat, it is possible. Every contact you chat with, will automatically be created as a new contact on your Pipedrive account with the complete chat transcript. This is truly a real time saver!


HappyFox Chat with Pipedrive integration gives neatly organized contacts with the chat transcripts!


Not just that, having a record of all the chats is not difficult anymore. You can convert every chat into an activity through HappyFox Chat in Pipedrive. When you click on the activity, it will exhibit all the attributes of the conversation including date, time and the duration of the chat.

Keep track of your customers and be in sync with them by retaining a record of the chat transcripts. Simply synchronizing your account in HappyFox Chat and PipeDrive helps you in converting more leads.



Why you will love this Pipedrive integration!

With HappyFox Chat’s powerful, yet simple integration, you will save time and increase sales conversions significantly. You will be able to close more deals and have relevant conversations with your visitors without making them wait too long. Since you are able to see sales information about every new prospect, you can help them faster and sound more in-the-know of their buying stage. Keep useful sales data handy and easy to access, in order to deliver contextual customer support.

If you are already using HappyFox Chat then click here to enable Pipedrive integration. Check out our knowledge base article on how to set up the integration in quick easy steps.

About HappyFox Chat:

HappyFox Chat’s interface is very user-friendly and intuitive. Easily handle multiple chats, see the customer data from your favorite CRM without leaving the chat.  

Deep integrations makes every chat conversation contextual and relevant letting you convert more visitors to customers. Not just PipeDrive, HappyFox Chat provides with unlimited chats and other integrations including  HappyFox Helpdesk, Google Analytics, Slack, Mixpanel and WordPress.

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