10 Must-Have Qualities for Your Fantasy Support Team

Daryl George


You know you want it.

A crowd of customers screaming out your company’s name outside your store, whether brick and mortar or virtual, anxiously awaiting the launch of your new product. Telling their friends and relatives about how awesome you are, and how the purchase wasn’t just a cold, boring transaction, but an experience that they enjoyed. You know that the first step to getting there is to make them happy by ensuring that any issues, concerns or queries that they have are solved quickly and effectively.

And you know that great customer service is the way to do it.

The question is, who do you have on your support team? How do you select your customer service agents, who are the first in line to interact with your customers? One wrong step can turn customers off. In fact, 78% of customers say that they’ve ended a relationship with a business due to bad customer service. This means that you don’t want just anyone to represent your company and brand. You need a fantasy team of customer service representatives to stoke the flame of customer satisfaction.

Before you select your customer service fantasy team, know who you are

Before you even start to hire your customer service rep, you should begin to consider the type of company you are and the image you’d like to portray. By doing so, you’ll have a clearer view of the type of people you will want to hire who will be able to fit into your organization. This will allow them to be better able to relate to your customers, making communication easier and increasing the likelihood of effective problem solving.

10 necessary qualities of your fantasy support team members

When choosing your fantasy team members, you want to make sure that they have certain attributes or characteristics that will ensure you get the best team.

1. Patience – Your customer service fantasy employees must have the patience to deal with frustrated and confused customers. Your team are there to provide help these customers and they need to be as careful as possible to provide the best solutions to your customer’s issues.

2. Communication skills – Every customer service employee must have above average communication skills. Communication skills include not only speaking skills for those offering phone support or grammar and typing skills for your live chat and email support team but also the ability to clearly yet concisely offer useful solutions in an easy to understand manner.

3. Empathy – Another skill essential to any support staff is empathy. Empathy involves the ability to understand your customer’s problem and put themselves in the customer’s shoes. This will help your customer service rep to better engage with your customers while making them feel valued and respected.

4. Active listening skills – Your customer service fantasy team should have great active listening skills that allow them to hear the customer’s concerns and get to the root of the issue. This is critical as there are times when the customer themselves may not be clear on the issue or may not present the matter clearly.

5. Persuasiveness – Your customer service teams doesn’t just solve problems, but can be a great asset in making sales and conversions. Your fantasy team members should be persuasive and be able to offer relevant recommendations for your products and be able to help convince your customers to continue their relationship with your company.

6. Positivity – Your customer service team should always use a positive approach when engaging with customers. By changing the focus of the conversation from negative to positive, your agent will ensure a solution based focus that will be more likely to result in a satisfied customer.

7. Problem-solving skills – Customers will come to your fantasy team with problems – which means that your team must be good at problem-solving! Often times they will face unfamiliar situations or questions, so they must be able to use their own initiative to solve whatever issue that the customer may present as efficiently and effectively as possible.

8. Willingness to go the extra mile – Your fantasy customer service employee must beĀ willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the customer is satisfied. This may mean spending a few extra minutes with your customer, or double checking to ensure that the problem has been solved. Whatever it is, your customer support employees must be willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that the customer is satisfied.

9. Willingness to work with others – Your fantasy customer service team will not only be working with your customers but other employees and staff. Transferring customer service tickets to other team members or passing your customers over to tech support means that there is a good deal of teamwork involved, and the better they work together, the better solutions can be offered.

10. Self-control – Dealing with customers can be difficult. Your team should have the skills to be able to control their emotions when in high-pressure situations. Even if your customer loses their cool, your team member should always have their head in the game so that they can deliver the best service.

Are there any other qualities you think are necessary to qualify on your customer service fantasy team? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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