Best Practices for Getting Started With Live Chat

Daryl George


Congratulations! In your attempt to offer exceptional customer support to your loving fans, you’ve decided to offer live chat as another option for them to engage your support team and find the solutions that they need. You’ve realized that not only will live chat help your customers, but it will also provide you with tons of benefits, including increased conversions and repeat sales.

But after you’ve popped that champagne (or cider) and the excitement has worn off (I mean, who isn’t excited to gain a new channel to talk to customers?) you realize one thing:

You still need to set the darn thing up!

While many companies stumble in their effort to get their live chat up and running, we at HappyFox Chat want to help. Here are five best practices for getting started with live chat:

Correct chat button location

Your live chat button should be designed for easy and intuitive access to customers who need assistance. The placement of your button will significantly impact whether or not customers utilize your live chat (you totally want them to). The best type of live chat option is one that is not fixed but moves with the user

Good design and call to action

Your live chat invitation design should be noticeable enough for those looking to find it, but also match the overall design of the website. In addition, the wording on your live chat button should encourage website visitors to take advantage of this support option, but also, be personal enough for visitors to want to engage.

Integrate proactive live chat

Your team should be offering live chat even before your customer reaches out to you. You can do this using triggers that will automatically start a conversation in cases where they may need assistance – for example, you may want to put triggers on checkout pages for customers that take too long or seem stuck to increase the likelihood of purchasing. In addition to increasing conversions, live chat has many other benefits, such as helping to gather data and create customer profiles, making proactive live chat a no brainer if you’re getting started with live chat.

Create good canned responses

While it is important to let your customers know that they are talking to a live person, canned responses can be useful when dealing with frequently asked questions. Your team should develop a list of these questions and responses to cut down on time spent on unnecessary conversations and maximize your live chat staff’s productivity.

Provide 24/7 support

If you’re a medium to large sized business, it is imperative that you provide live chat support around the clock. This will allow customers with different behavior patterns and in different time zones to access customer support, necessary if you’re a medium to large sized business that expects to be taken seriously when it comes to customer service.

What are some of the other best practices you’ve heard when starting out with live chat? Share your knowledge in the comments section below.

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