Convert Visitors on Your Website by Integrating Google Analytics with Live Chat!

Ashley Ragland


Things keep getting more and more exciting here at HappyFox Chat, we now have Google Analytics fully integrated with HappyFox Chat!

It is the latest addition to our journey of 100+ app integrations by 2015! Now you can take advantage of the truckloads of data that Google collects by the second and turn it into actionable information for your business.

Google Analytics integration with your HappyFox Chat can be done quickly and easily, just follow the steps outlined here and get going. Soon you’ll get more accurate reporting data to maximize both your business and success within HappyFox Chat.

Google Analytics Inegration with HappyFox Live Chat
Google Analytics Inegration with HappyFox Chat

If you have not spent time in the HappyFox Chat app store, learning about what other software systems that you can integrate with our live chat software, check it out now! Not only can you integrate programs with ease, but you can also vote to let us know what other programs you absolutely MUST HAVE to maximize your HappyFox Chat experience. Our development team is working constantly to update these lists and the apps available, so you never know what you’ll log in to see!

If you have any other questions about this, or other product, integration, stop by the HappyFox Chat knowledge base, where we’ve put everything we have at your fingertips!

Get The Google Analytics App

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