HappyFox Chat & Slack: Collaboration and communication at your fingertips!

Ashley Ragland

  • HappyFox Chat and Slack integration provide better collaboration and communication within support teams
  • Receive notifications for incoming chats, completed chats, and missed chats in Slack
  • Simple, one-click integration

For a busy support team, keeping track of tickets and managing incoming queries from customers is often handled within the business’ support tool. But what about live chat? Some businesses have a single agent managing live chat, and others let agents pick and choose the chat that they would like to take as it comes in. There’s not much by way of “managing” this communication with customers.

With a system like the latter in place, it’s easy to see how occasionally chats might get missed, or how an after-hours inquiry from a customer could get lost in the shuffle of the beginning of a day shift for your team.

With HappyFox Chat, we know that communicating effectively and quickly with your customers is why you chose us as your live chat solution. And with this in mind, we have now integrated HappyFox Chat with Slack, an industry-leader in collaborative communication for teams.

Here’s what we’ve given you with this integration:

Never miss a chat

With Slack and HappyFox Chat working in tandem, you can oversee all of the chat communications being managed (or in-queue) by your support team. Within your Slack rooms, you can now see triggered items like when a new chat request has come in, that a chat has been accepted by an agent, and even that a chat has been ended by an agent.

Manage missed chats more effectively

In customer support, it’s an unfortunate occurrence that sometimes live chat sessions with customers are missed. Sometimes your team is understaffed, and sometimes your team is simply inundated with inbound requests and unable to get to every customer.

Now, with Slack and HappyFox Chat integrated, you and your entire team will have a clear view within Slack to see what was missed at all times. Collaborative customer support has never been so easy!

Integrate Slack and HappyFox Chat in a snap!

For HappyFox Chat users, integrating with Slack is a breeze! Take a couple of minutes to select the Slack room (or rooms!) that you want to have HappyFox Chat visibility in, and then get the configuration moving. See the steps here, and see how quickly you’ll be up and running!

We are so proud of our development team’s incredible skills with making all of our apps so user-friendly and easy-to-start within both HappyFox Chat and programs like Slack.

Get the Slack Live Chat App Here

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For any team using Slack, adding HappyFox Chat to your arsenal of tools to better serve your team communication and subsequently your customers is a no-brainer. Visit the HappyFox Chat app store to integrate HappyFox Chat with Slack now!

And even better news, this is not the only integration we offer! There are dozens more apps available for HappyFox Chat users, including Google Analytics, PipeDrive, and MailChimp. Every single app is designed with our users in mind, to improve your customer support efforts consistently. Check them out here!

If you haven’t taken the plunge and added HappyFox Chat to your website, stop by and learn about how this easy-to-use live chat platform can truly benefit your e-commerce store today! Click here to learn how to get started with your 14-day free trial.

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