Introducing Offline Messages: Contact Widget that backs your live chat team

Janavi Nagarajan



Live chat offers convenience for customers right from your website without them having to leave looking for assistance. Added convenience, building strong relationships, the availability of help and the speed at which this help is delivered is often the most cited reasons on why customers prefer live chat as their medium of communication.

As a customer support manager, you can easily see the benefits by adding live chat to your website. But what happens when all of your agents are all offline?

How Offline Messages work?

The offline message feature allows your website visitors to leave a message through your live chat widget if no one is available to chat. HappyFox Chat will automatically turn itself off when agents are not available. With this functionality, your website visitors are reassured that someone will be in touch, and you don’t lose a prospective conversion.

How can you make use of Offline messages?

  • Your customers would be able to fill a quick contact form when no agents are available to take a chat

leave-us-a-message-box-chat + Rectangle 1 + Leave a message

  • You will receive offline messages by email
  • You will be able to see them under the “Offline chat section” in the “History” tab, once you login to your account.


  • If you have HappyFox Help Desk integrated with HappyFox Chat, the Offline message will be created as a ticket.


  • There is also an option to invite a customer to be back on the website for a chat using the “Invite to Chat” option. Customer would receive an email and would know that agent is available to answer their question.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 6.35.13 pm

Offline messages make it really easy for your customers to reach out to you even during the hours your team is not available.

Got questions or feedback – let us know in our comments section or even better – chat with us now.

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