Introducing Zapier integration

Santhosh Guru


Driven by context and geared for convenience is the motto of HappyFox Chat. We provide integrations with 50+ apps to boost your support staff productivity and answer your customers in a rapid fast manner. We are now integrating with a powerful platform, Zapier.

Zapier, literally, has superpowers of the Internet. No kidding. It has integrations with 600+ apps that you use frequently. It also has a simple and intuitive editor to build integrations of your own.

HappyFox Chat provides the following events, which you can use to trigger actions in Zapier.

  • Finished Chat – Log transcripts and contact information when a conversation ends.
  • New Missed Chat – React to new chat requests when no one picks them up in time.
  • New Offline Message – Capture visitor interest even when all your agents are offline.

We have also created a bunch of shared zaps that you can use it out of the box. Check it out.

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