Can Live Chat Really Be Worth It?

Is Live Chat Software Really Worth it

Jesse Bouman


Is live chat really worth it? This is a common question we field. The short answer is “yes.” Of course, we’re biased towards software integration with live chat, but we don’t want to blindly say it’s best for your business.  Your team needs to be informed before making a decision like adding live chat. Let’s take a look at three factors that your company should assess before making a decision on live chat.

How Complex Is Your Product?

The type of product you’re selling is an important factor in your decision process. Generic, low-cost products are typically not strong candidates for live chat software integration. Do you need to talk to someone if you’re deciding on whether or not to buy the $9 tee shirt? Probably not. It’s a familiar product and its low price makes the purchase low-risk. But as the complexity of the product increases, so does the need for live chat.

If you are a SaaS business selling and selling a more complex analytics product, you’re bound to get more questions. A lot of your sales process is educating the potential customer. Making sure your website visitors understand the value of your product is vital. By having live chat readily available on your site, you’re able to instantly assuage questions new visitors may have. Faster customer support can lead to increased conversions. Why not make it as fast as you can with live chat?

What Are Your Customer Economics?

How much you’re charging for your product has a direct correlation to how much support you should offer. The lower your price is, the less support is needed for a conversion. The greater your price, the more support you’ll need.

It makes sense that the more expensive your product is, the more support you need to offer. It’s a greater emotional decision for the buyer and they need someone to answer their questions. But what constitutes a low price vs. a high price? How low can you go?

If your product is greater than $199, then the decision is easy. But the real question should be what is your lifetime customer value? Even if your product sells for significantly less than $199, it might make sense to add live chat. If you know that a customer that engages with your via live chat has a higher lifetime value, then it’s not as important if their initial purchase isn’t as large.

What’s Your Current Conversion Rate?

Your marketing is (hopefully) obsessed with analytics and conversion rates. Check with the team to see how your current site’s  conversion rates are performing. Are they strong? Or are there holes that need to be addressed?

As your team proceeds to test different site improvements to increase conversion rates. Add live chat to the list of experiments. An increased opportunity for engagement early on might be a critical factor that decreases bounce rate and moves your visitor further down the sales funnel.

Live chat is an extremely valuable customer service tool to companies. It’s convenient and valuable to your customers. Live chat can give you the edge over your competitors and increase sales. But like any other business decision, it’s critical that you understand why you’re making the decision.

So it live chat worth it? At HappyFox Chat, we believe the answer is yes. However, before adding live chat to your company’s site, make sure you ask yourself these three questions. Understanding these answers will make the decision to integrate live chat much easier. Take a few minutes to check out what HappyFox Chat can do for your business and make the decision that fits your business model the best!

Jesse Bouman

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