HappyFox Chat & Shopify: Smarter, faster live chat support

Ashley Ragland

  • HappyFox Chat offers live chat support to all Shopify e-commerce stores
  • Shopify and HappyFox Chat give agents visibility to visitor shopping carts and customer order statuses
  • Helps improve abandoned cart rates, improve sales
  • Integrate HappyFox Chat and Shopify in minutes!

You did it! You launched your e-commerce business via Shopify and you’re watching the sales come in. You’ve put together a marketing plan, and your paid marketing is bringing in visitors to your website. But you’ve noticed a problem. A lot of visitors are leaving without making a purchase, some are even abandoning carts with items in them. You come to discover that these visitors have questions about specific items but can’t get an answer immediately, so they chose to leave your store site, leaving their potential purchase behind.

How can you resolve this problem quickly, before you lose even more potential sales, without breaking the bank?

At HappyFox Chat, we know that you want to focus on being able to quickly and accurately provide your customers the information and the answers that they need. We also know that saving the sales from abandoned carts is a big priority for any store owner.

The good news is that HappyFox Chat and Shopify have a new integration allowing them to work together for you and your business! With this integration, we’ve given you the ability to respond in real-time to customer order inquiries or visitor questions.

Respond in seconds with live chat

With HappyFox Chat, watch how quickly you can respond to any incoming questions from a customer. Our live chat app can be installed and up and running within minutes to your store website, it’s one of the easiest live chat tools to install! Watch your support agents reply to questions from visitors over our lightning-fast network, giving them answers and helping them to complete their transactions.


View order details and status in-chat

At HappyFox Chat, we understand the importance of the saying “time is money.” With this in mind, with the Shopify integration, we help you to lower your overall chat times. How did we do this? By providing your live chat agents with the real-time order information and order status right in their chat window.

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That’s right, when your agents are chatting with a specific customer, they no longer have to switch back and forth between programs to get information on orders. It will be right there in front of them. Your customers will love this as they won’t waste an extra minute waiting while their questions are answered.

View live cart details

Online shoppers today know that businesses are able to see their details as they visit their website. Trends, shopping habits, nothing is truly hidden when you’re shopping online. With the Shopify and HappyFox Chat integration, your agents will now be able to see a visitors’ live cart details within the window of their ongoing chat.

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With this integration, your agents are empowered to assist on any query related to a customers’ shopping cart or to other items they may be interested in purchasing. Having this data on-hand while in a live chat, avoiding the need to put a visitor on hold to dig up information, is valuable to building a rapport with your prospective customer and helping to complete that sale.

Get the Shopify Live Chat App Here

On our way to 100+ apps!

For any Shopify store owner, adding HappyFox Chat to your arsenal of tools to better serve your customers is a no-brainer. Visit the HappyFox Chat app store to integrate HappyFox Chat into your Shopify store and get started with live chat for your visitors.


And even better news, this is not the only integration we offer! There are dozens more apps available for HappyFox Chat users, including Google Analytics, Slack, and even MailChimp. Every single app is designed with our users in mind, to improve your customer support efforts consistently. Check them out here!

If you haven’t taken the plunge and added HappyFox Chat to your website, stop by and learn about how this easy-to-use live chat platform can truly benefit your e-commerce store today! Click here to learn how to get started with your 14-day free trial!

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