Magento + HappyFox Chat: The intelligent live chat

Ashley Ragland

  • Magento and HappyFox Chat integration lets agents see a customer’s order information right above the chat window
  • Integration helps to reduce average chat response times
  • It’s easy to integrate Magento and HappyFox Chat

You’ve implemented live chat on your website. Your support agents love it and your customers are satisfied with how quickly they can get a response from your team. However, you have noticed that total chat times are on the rise and customers are abandoning chats before getting questions answered. The root of your problem? Your agents are switching back-and-forth from the chat window to other programs in order to get information and answers for your customers.

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At HappyFox Chat, we understand how valuable your time, and your support agents’ time is. We know that wasting valuable minutes and even seconds switching between programs to gather information can make all the difference between a customer who will sing your praises versus a customer who will never do business with you again.

The good news is that HappyFox Chat and Magento are now integrated to work together! Now, you can respond to your customers even more quickly, with real-time order information. This will get your support team working more efficiently than ever before. Here’s how.

Faster response times!

No more switching between programs to get access to customer order information. With HappyFox Chat and Magento, your live chat agents will finally have access to customer’s’ real-time order information, history, details and more, right in their active chat window.


Now your agents will be saved valuable minutes, or even seconds, of time when they are assisting a customer in a live chat. No more switching between programs to dig up order information or histories.

Agents have read-only access to data

HappyFox Chat and Magento’s integration allows the two programs to work in tandem, pulling customer data from Magento into HappyFox Chat’s live chat window, giving agents read-only access to the information. This gives you the peace of mind to know that no unintended changes to orders can happen in a live chat!Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 3.57.28 pm + lens

So not only is HappyFox Chat getting your customers questions answered quickly, but we’re saving you money in the process!

Watch your agents’ average chat times drop!

Once you’ve integrated HappyFox Chat and Magento, watch how quickly your agents are able to manage their conversations with customers. Your agents will be empowered to respond quickly to any customer query, providing information and assistance immediately for any order-related issues.

Get the Magento App

There are more apps to choose from!

If you are using Magento for your e-commerce needs, visit the HappyFox Chat app store to integrate the two together. Here’s the detailed article on how to complete the integration.


It doesn’t stop there. There are many other apps on the app store that you can integrate live chat with. Slack, Google Analytics, Mixpanel to name a few. All of them intended to make your customer support and sales efforts better and more effective!

If you haven’t taken a moment to get started with HappyFox Chat, make sure you check out how this easy-to-use live chat platform can provide an incredible benefit to your e-commerce store right now! Click here to get started with your 14-day free trial now!

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