Improve your customer outreach by integrating Pipedrive with HappyFox Chat

Ashley Ragland


We’re not sure if they’re actually getting sleep, but the HappyFox Chat development team has really outdone themselves. On the heels of our announcements about HappyFox Chat integrating with HappyFox and Slack, we now get to tell you that we’ve managed to also integrate Pipedrive with HappyFox Chat.

Pipedrive, which is a “simple, yet powerful sales pipeline management tool,” is now integrated with HappyFox Chat.

With Pipedrive live chat integration, users can now use HappyFox Chat to:

  • View visitor information from Pipedrive in the chat window
  • View the list of deals created by your visitors
  • View the status of each deal
  • Create activities within your Pipedrive account under HappyFox Chat

With this valuable information appearing above the chat window, your agents will have a huge amount of data at their fingertips for moving sales down the funnel.

If you are using Pipedrive for your in-house CRM tool, we highly recommend that you stop by the HappyFox Chat app store ASAP to integrate these two platforms together and watch the data come in.

Get Pipedrive App Here 

Also, if you’re a HappyFox Chat user and you haven’t spent a lot of time in our app store, we would love for you to come in and take a look, and vote on a few apps that you’d like to see us integrate! It’s a labor of love for our development team to make sure that the apps HappyFox Chat integrates with are what our customers want and need!

Get more information on HappyFox Chat – Pipedrive integration here.

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