Introducing Live Chat reports and support for more languages

Santhosh Guru


New Features:

Peter Drucker used to say “What gets measured, gets improved”. Following Peter’s advice is so simple in HappyFox Chat. You can see your agents’ performance and chat metrics in our new Reports tab.

  • Reports is now available for all paid plans. See it.
  • Reports have two main classifications:
    • Chat Activity metrics
    • Customer Satisfaction metrics


  • We now support 3 more languages, Turkish, Czech and Russian. With this we now have support for 15 languages.


  • Rare issue of WordPress API key getting changed has been solved. It used to happen, when you disable and immediately re-enable the WordPress integration inside HappyFox Chat.
  • Time stamp in email notification for offline messages is now uses the company time-zone.
  • In some scenarios, the metric Average Response Time was not shown in transcript page. It has been fixed.
  • When visitor ended the conversation, the chat transcript in history section was incorrectly showing agent ended the conversation, in the text. This issue has been fixed.

Previous Release Notes – March 2016

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