Convert More Sales Opportunities with HappyFox Chat and Salesforce Integration

Ashley Ragland


HappyFox Chat and Salesforce CRM, a match made in heaven.

Yes, it’s true, HappyFox Chat live chat software now integrates with Salesforce CRM, one of the industry’s leading CRM software platforms.

If you’re using Salesforce CRM for your sales efforts, HappyFox’s Salesforce chat integration will now allow you to: view visitor information from Salesforce right within the chat window, create leads in Salesforce from chat transcripts, and to view lead statuses within the chat window.

Connecting your HappyFox chat and Salesforce CRM accounts is as easy as a few mouse clicks (as everything at HappyFox is, simple and easy! 😉 )!

HappyFox Chat - Salesforce Integration
HappyFox Chat – Salesforce Integration

Customize settings within your HappyFox Chat software to show lead information from Salesforce during a live chat, and to update leads with chat transcript information. We have even enabled the ability to drag and drop notes and attachments into a specific lead account within your Salesforce tool.

Get The Salesforce App Here

If you’re not already integrating your HappyFox Chat software with other platforms you’re using, visit the HappyFox Chat app store and see what all you can do! New apps are being added often, so you never know what you’ll find the next time you look!


Salesforce Chat Integration with HappyFox Chat
Salesforce Chat Integration

Check out our Knowledge Base article on How to integrate HappyFox Chat with Salesforce here.

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