3 Ways to Use Social Media & Live Chat to Beat the Competition

Jesse Bouman


Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal. This dynamic duo created one of the most terrifying one-two punches in basketball history. Shaq dominated the low-post with his sheer power while Kobe terrified opponents with his ability to create his own shot. Individually, they were good, together they were great.

This same characterization can be made for social media and live chat software. Separate, each customer service tactic and they can be effective. Use them both and you’ll create a customer service experience that will blow people away and push you past your competition.

Go Where Your Customers Are

Just like a fisherman in an empty pond, customer service is ineffective when you’re not where your customers are. By hitting your customers with the one-two punch of social media and live chat software, you’re making sure you’re available to your customers, wherever they spend their time online.

Brands are expected to be on social media and it has largely become the defacto customer support channel for many consumers. Your customers are already hanging out on channels like Facebook and Twitter. When they have a question or complaint, they want to be heard. By tweeting or leaving a comment on Facebook, consumers feel like they’re talking to someone. Your customers are on social media and expect you to be as well.

On the flip side, social media is less effective when someone is already on your website. Asking someone to open a new window to pull up Twitter to ask you a question is unreasonable. By adding live chat to your site, you can quickly give visitors individual attention. Similar to social media conversations, live chat offers a more intimate feeling of communication for the customer.

By using social media and live chat, you’re covering all your bases and making sure you’re where your customers are online.

Respond Faster

We live in the on-demand economy, where we can get anything (food, cars, massages) at a moment’s notice. This heightened expectation of expediency pours over to customer service.

Speed is the name of the game with customer service. A recent survey revealed that 42% of customers complaining via social media expected a response within 60 minutes. By using both social media and live chat, you’re positioning yourself for very fast response times.

Implementing a customer support system that encompasses both social media and live chat will help your team’s response time. You’ll be able to create a streamlined process that enables your team to offer fast and effective customer service, across different channels (like social media and live chat). Your quick responses will delight your customers and leave them with positive feelings toward your company.

Customer service can be what separates you from your competitors. If you have similar products, but your customer service experience is better, customers will have more confidence buying from you.

Listen to What They’re Saying

The key to great customer service is listening to what the customer has to say. Over time, you’ll better understand your customers’ needs and what problems they have. Patterns will arise through your customer support that can be communicated to your product team who can update the product roadmap accordingly.

It’s documented that people use different social media channels for different purposes. Someone might use Twitter for news while that same person uses Facebook strictly for friends (which can include brands). Whether or not you’re on multiple social networks, everyone has a preferred channel, which is where they might communicate with a brand.

Aside from covering all your bases, like I previously mentioned, the reason why this is important is because people from different channels might have different problems as well. Using both social media and live chat can help you start to segment your audience problems. The issues people discuss via live chat can be different than inquiries made on Twitter. This data can help you better plan content on different channels that address these recurring issues.

Your customer service experience is an important piece of the sales process. It can also help you retain customers longer and increase your brand’s word of mouth. Each of these benefits adds up and result in higher revenues. Separate your brand from competitors by offering supremely better customer service experience through social media and live chat.

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Jesse Bouman

Jesse Bouman is the founder of Prepare.io. He is a stubborn entrepreneur, budding philanthropist, marketing nerd, and technology geek. When he’s not blogging or tweeting, Jesse can be found in a coffee shop, exploring LA’s hidden treasures, or playing a game of dodgeball.

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