5 Simple Team Building Exercises of Successful Customer Support Teams

Daryl George


If your company employs a team of persons to carry out customer support, then ongoing training is critical to ensure that they have the skills and tools they need to offer exceptional customer service, whether they are brand new employees or experienced veterans. Since your employees will be working as a team where an individual performance will affect other members, it is important that team building exercises take a central place in your customer service staff training. Team building exercises have been shown to provide a number of benefits, including:

So what are some of the best team building exercises that you can carry out in your business? Here are five awesome team building exercises that many successful companies use, along with an explanation of exactly how they will benefit your customer support team:

Telephone game

This near-universal game starts off with one person on the team whispering a message into another team member’s ear. The story is then carried down the line in a similar manner, one by one, until it reaches the end of the line. The last person must then tell the entire group the message that has reached them and compare it to the original message.

Purpose – To improve communication among your team members, as to teach your team the importance of being a good listener and carefully and properly documenting issues.


Two truths and a lie

Each person has to write down three things about themselves, two of which are true and one which isn’t, but making the lie as believable as possible. The rest of the group must come together and correctly guess which one is the lie.

Purpose – Your team learns more about each other on an individual level, helping to create more of a personal bond and a positive working environment.


The barter puzzle

Each group is given a different puzzle of equal difficulty, but which is missing some pieces which are in other group’s puzzles. In addition to your puzzle pieces, there are also pieces from other puzzles that other groups have. The goal is for the groups to complete their puzzles first, but they also have to get their puzzle pieces from the other groups, whether by trade, merger, or some other method.

Purpose – Helps your team to improve their creative teamwork and problem-solving skills. Also, this exercise teaches them how to negotiate and make deals even with persons who might be seen to be “competing” with them.


The coin logo

Participants are asked to empty their pockets and purses of coins and asked to make a logo out of their loose change. They can also use other items such as a wallet, pens, etc. After they have finished participants are asked to explain their logo and what it means to them. This exercise can also be done as a group game where the participants form a group logo.

Purpose – Participants will learn self-awareness as well as mutual awareness among their group. In addition, participants also encouraged to develop and use their creativity in this exercise.


What’s my name

Using name tags, write down the name of a famous person, or types of person (e.g. lawyer, doctor) and place it at the back of each customer service member without them seeing the name. Your team members should mingle and ask other team members questions to determine the name or type of person written on their back. However, those answering the questions can only respond with a yes or no. The game will continue until the person has successfully guessed who they are, or until time runs out!

Purpose – Allows your team members to get a sense as to how they may mistakenly see people and allows them to empathize with others who feel that they are narrowly and unfairly defined.

What team building exercises have you found particularly beneficial for your customer service team? Share them in the comments section below.

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