5 Strategies to Upsell Your Way to Happy Customers

Daryl George


Do you wonder sometimes whether providing great customer service is really worth it? Are you struggling to see the financial value of providing superior customer service? These are some of the legitimate questions that many business owners and managers frequently contemplate when assessing the viability of providing exceptional customer service.

But…what if I told you that increasing your profits and providing good customer service aren’t mutually exclusive? What if I told you that there was a surefire, guaranteed way to offer exceptional customer service that actually increases your profit margin in a direct, easy to measure way?

That would be pretty darned awesome, wouldn’t it?

So how do you increase your sales while offering better customer service?

By upselling.

Why upselling creates happy customers

As you probably already know, upselling occurs when a potential customer is encouraged to purchase a more expensive item than initially planned. The more expensive item often involves an item with upgraded or improved features. Upselling can improve your customer service and help your customers by providing a number of benefits which can include:

  • Saving your customer money
    Your customer choosing a product that has been upsold to them may actually help them save money. A prospective buyer may actually be better off paying a bit more for a product that has extra features that they haven’t realized will be necessary for them, or paying a bit more to be able to use a product for a significantly longer time, ultimately saving them money.
  • Providing them with a better fit
    An up-sold product may suit your client’s needs better than what they intend to buy. Extra or different features of an upsold product that they don’t realize they need may be useful to them.

Now that you know that upselling can actually increase customer satisfaction, how do you do it? Here are five strategies to help your customer service team to upsell your happy customers:

Know your customer

The first step of upselling your way to customer service excellence is to know what your customer needs, even if he doesn’t. By accurately knowing what they need, your customer service agents will be better able to upsell products that will be better able to suit their needs. There are a couple of ways to know what your customer wants:

  • Listen
    simply by listening closely as the customer describes what they want, you can make a determination as to whether or not the product they may be interested in can be upsold to better suit their needs.o Collect customer information – By
  • Collect customer information
    By collecting and analyzing customer data and history, you are in a better position to advise your customer support team on how to best upsell to your customers. Pre- and post-chat surveys and other methods of data collection will allow you to better educate your agents to anticipate your customer’s needs.

Upsell only when appropriate

It is critical to offer an upsell only when appropriate and when it fits your customer’s needs. Offering an inappropriate upsell that doesn’t satisfy your customer’s requirements may actually damage your relationship with them. Your customer service agents must always ensure that the product being upsold is relevant and is realistically suited for your customer.

Time the offer well

Even if you have a good idea that your customer needs a product up-sold, don’t rush or force the issue, or else you run the risk of scaring away the customer or turning them off. Wait for a natural segue way into your chance to offer your customer the up-sold product.

Reduce or eliminate risk

Your customers are scared. What if they don’t like the product that they’re being upsold? You can help remove their hesitation by offering your products with incentives that reduce risk, such as money-back guarantees or free trials to give your customer the push that they need to buy the upsold product.

Make upselling a part of your customer support culture

Upselling should be taught to customer service agents as part of their training. They should also be knowledgeable of the products offered to allow them to be able to quickly and accurately identify which products can be upsold and to which customers.

Do you have your own story on how you successfully managed to upsell a customer on a product that increased their satisfaction? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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Daryl George

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